20 Channel Redundant Power Supply

20 Channel Redundant Power Supply System

This unit has 2 AC inputs of 115 volts at 60Hz. Each channel is individually regulated and fused. Voltage output in each channel is 24 volts at 275 mA. Although the output amperage can be tailored to your specifications.

This unit contains 2 removable card power supply modules that can be removed from the front panel while the unit is on without any down time. On the power supply card units there is a single LED. When the LED is on (Green) the unit is working. When the LED is off (not list) it has a failure.

On the right side of the front panel, you will find 4 rows of 5 (total 20) LED’s. These are the output channel indicator lights. When the LED’s are red, the channel has an output failure. When the current is greater than 275 mA at 24 volts, the LED will turn red indicating a failure. The output channel indicator lights stay green whether or not the unit is loaded.

This unit is ISO 9001 approved and UL approved and certified.

Output connectors/terminals optional. This unit has a lifetime warranty.