About Panatron, Inc.

Panatron, Inc. – Since 1980

Panatron, Inc. has been manufacturing, repairing, rebuilding and calibrated businesses since 1980.

We have been repairing and/or rebuilding equipment for the military. References are available upon request. For further information, contact Panatron, Inc., at 1-909-629-0748, or via E-mail at Sales@Panatron.com, or by fax at 1-909-620-0378.

What We Can Provide

Quality Microwave Components

Quality Microwave Amplifiers

Waveguide & Coaxial Subsystems

Components for Earth Satellite-Stations

Repair & Calibrate

Radar Equipment

Repair Calibration

Test Equipment Repair & Replacement

We Do Refurbish Equipment & Components

Panatron’s own design and manufactured product-line in waveguide coaxial and microwave subsystems, operates in the frequency bands covering: DC-90 GHz.

Our engineering and manufacturing are backed by capabilities in electrical and mechanical design, computer terminal for aid in design, comprehensive microwave testing, computer numerical control machining, fabrication of flexible waveguide, soldering, brazing, chemical cleaning, painting, individual packing and quality assurance.

Reach Out To Us: 1-909-629-0748

Panatron, Inc. – Repairing & Rebuilding