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Secure and backed-up document scanning!

We understand that paper based records are still the preferred method of record keeping for most businesses. The majority of business owners and administrators still find their ease of data entry and low cost hard to part with. However, the ease of data entry at the point of contact, sale or care, is only the first step in the document management process.

Our solutions speed up your business

Paper documents require a significant amount of storage space compared to digital records. In the US, most states require physical records to be kept from three to seven years depending on the industry. When paper records are stored off-site, retrieving them back to the office for review, litigation, billing disputes or general information is very time-consuming. In addition, making copies, faxing, transporting, and storage fees can be costly.

Digital records are easily accessed and can be printed, e-mailed and shared appropriately with authorized viewers. Furthermore, the “after entry” benefits of being able to easily add or modify existing files for ongoing customer relationships and general office activity can be done quickly and efficiently as opposed to physically locating and searching for that one document among many.

Panatron Solution

Step 1: Ship or Deliver your documents to us or we pick up.

Step 2: Your documents are scanned into our secure server.

Step 3: Our digitized records are transferred onto a USB                      flash drive formatted to your business choice.

Step 4: Original documents are either destroyed via HIPPA                  and DOD compliance with a “Certificate of                                  Destruction” provided or returned back to you.

Step 5: Delivery via Panatron transport, mail or e-mail.

Step 6: Download your new digital records into your                              server, keeping your USB as a reserve.


Hippa and DOD Compliant

Documents stored on our secure servers

USB Flash Drive of all scanned documents

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Scan documents at 200-600 DPI

Other Services

Repair Divison

We at Panatron, Inc. have found that when manufacturer’s components fail, they frequently charge ridiculously high prices to repair their items or have since gone out of business. Panatron, Inc. can repair any manufacturer’s components at a fraction of the price! Our repair division specializes in the repair of older, obsolete, or equipment no longer supported by the manufacturer as well as any current technology device or system. No repaired equipment will be returned until it performs per original factory specifications.


Calibration and Test Equipment Services

Along with our high quality repair services we also provide a calibration service for any and all test equipment. We primarily focus on RF/Microwave, Waveguide, Coax and Rubidium equipment. Everything is calibrated to ANSI Z540-1-1994 and MIL-45662A standards with a 12-24 month certificate of calibration. Learn more about our certifications and calibrations below.


Design your own system or component

Need to design your own microwave, RF system, subsystem or component? Panatron has you covered! We can build to your specifications. We know that sometimes mass manufactured units don’t quite supply what you’re looking for- that’s when we come in. Let us know what you need, and relax while we build it to your specifications. Learn more below or contact us for a quote.


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