Notice to new and existing customers:

Panatron Has Been In Business Since The Early 70’S. During This Time We Have Collected A Vast Inventory Of Electronic, Microwave And RF Components And Mechanical Parts!

We have recently obtained an inventory of used uplink and downlink rack-mount equipment and spare parts. If you have a need for replacement parts, spare parts, or backup equipment, maybe we can help! A complete listing can be found on our website.

We have an extensive collection of new obsolete parts dating back as far as the 60’s and 70’s.

If you need obsolete parts, please contact us. You may review our parts list if you wish to locate specifics on obsolete parts. This list is being updated. If you can’t find the part that you are looking for, please call or email us.

Skilled, Experienced Technicians

Technology consultant. Skills include: Macintosh troubleshooting, website design, programming, networking, and hardware repair. Several years of experience in the market place and field study.

Please send us your old manuals, we will scan them in and send you a DVD back. This is free of charge; call or email, we will give you our UPS account number and our ship to address so you can send it to us?

Reach Out To Us: 1-909-629-0748

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