Ten reasons why you should use a document scanning service over DIY

Are you thinking of making your company paper-free?

If you have taken the decision, then you need to figure out where, how, and when you have to start scanning all the cabinets poured with the files. The task will feel a daunting task at first, and it should be. Not only is your office cabinets having all the paper records, but your finance department might also have tons of the crucial bank slips.

When you have made the decision, you certainly don’t have much time for executing the plan, as you cant sacrifice dozens of working hours of your employees. At such critical time, not only “how and when” matters the most but also “what” matters. Prioritizing the documents on the base of urgency is the key to take a fruitful start.

The actual work may not be as tiring as the thought of it, right?

You must be thinking of having a magic wand, and with a spell, you get all the documents digitized, and all the cabinets sorted.

Don’t lose hope; we have brought another solution for you that will magically scan and digitize all your documents.

So for the next few moments stay on the screen and let us help you.

What benefits document scanning can provide to your company?

The small businesses and the startups should always be looking for all the opportunities that can make their efficiency manifolds and make their company stand out among the others.

If you haven’t still settled your mind, then you need to read the following benefits that the document scanning can bring to your business.

More space:

Have you ever been bothered by the stack of the files piling at your table and the office cabinets? What else can be more bothering than that? Surely nothing. The document scanning will majorly declutter most of the office space. The scanning will reduce the paperwork and unnecessary cabinets.

The freed-up space can be engaged in tons of productive ways. You can cut out the cost by moving to the new place, or you can hire more staff according to your needs.

More space, a digitized system, and a decluttered environment can boost the productivity level of your company.

Securing the documents:

If you are running a business or a startup, then you must know the significance of every single legal document. Losing a single document can do irreversible damage to your company. A paper is more prone to losing than an encrypted document.

So scanning the bulk documents and then encrypting them can make your documents secure. You also make your paper free from damage, theft, and loss.

You can store the scanned documents in the document management systems, and you can encrypt them according to the level of the security you need.

Computer security or safety concept.

Computer security or safety concept. Laptop keyboard with a lock password.


Environmentally friendly:

According to the ISO standards, the one they focus a lot on is environmental stability. In the increasing trends of this environment safety, scanning your documents can help you in having the paperless office. Not only the digitizing the documents will cast a good impact on the environment, but it will also throw a drastic increase in the efficiency of the business.


Scanning the documents is the one-time solution. Spending much on the scanning and the software will be a unique solution. It will cut down the future cost of photocopying and the stationary. The transport of the documentation is also a strain on your pocket.

Improving customer services:

If you are running a startup, then the striving rate for you is manifold than the other companies. Getting an order from the established companies may be what you are desire. But for realizing your dreams, you must be compatible with their level. If you have a digitized system and encrypted scanned data record, then you will be, for sure, the best option for them.

Top ten reasons why you should use the services of bulk scanning company over DIY:

The best way to digitize your company in an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective method is to seek the services of bulk scanning companies instead of doing it all by yourself.

Although we do agree that this is a DIY age, you surely need to understand that bulk document scanning is better to be carried out by the companies having HD scanners and competent staff. You won’t be able to do everything by yourself. This way you can avoid the stress and time consumption that is paper document management.

Stack of paper documents

Stack of paper documents on the office table.

Bulk scanning companies provide secure and compliant storage for your documents along with ease of retrieval. It doesn’t matter if your company owns thousands or millions of documents that need scanning; all you need is the right partner for bulk scanning. And this is the task you probably can’t do by yourself or with the help of your IT department. So here steps in the bulk scanning document company to help you out with this digitization.

No matter which sort of company you own, whether you have a law firm, a hospital, a human resource organization, or anything, bulk scanning companies provide their services in every case.

Here are some of the reasons for choosing a bulk scanning company to scan all your documents instead of doing them all by yourself.

1.      Security

First and the most important thing is the security of your document. Trusted companies provide the 100% security of your documents needed scanning. It saves your time from the hassle of managing all your documents on your own. You can make the security of your papers sure by visiting the facility where your documents will be scanned and the measures that the company takes to keep your records safe and secure.

2.      Scan Quality

The next thing on the list is to make sure the scan quality for your documents. Instead of buying a high-quality scanning system and hiring new staff to complete the task, you can hire professionals for your job. By this, you can make sure of the scan quality you need along with other scanning services.

3.      Bulk Document Quality

Another reason to choose a bulk scanning company is that it can be less stressful than doing it yourself. Whether you want every page checked or one file out of 100 to ensure the scanning quality, choose your quality check as well before selecting a company for your bulk document scanning.

4.      Document Confidentiality and Compliance

The fourth reason to prefer bulk scanning company over doing it yourself is the document confidentiality and compliance these companies provide. They provide a confidentiality agreement for their scanning services. You can also ask them for their HIPAA certification before making any contract as well. You must be sure that the person physically scanning your documents will keep your information safe.

5.      Bulk Scanning Expertise and Experience

Another significant advantage of choosing bulk scanning company is they provide bulk scanning expertise and have experience for that as well. That is not necessary that you already own in your company. It saves you time to acquire that expertise by yourself and extra money to hire an expert just for your company, but instead, you can hand over your task to someone reliable and expert in the job as well.

6.      Scanning Speed

Scanning speed is another reason to choose the bulk scanning company for digitizing your company. Bulk scanning companies can do your job in less time with a better pace as compared to doing it yourself as the companies own the equipment, expertise, and staff to scan and manage all types of data. That makes the work much more efficient and faster.

7.      Time Investment

The next thing is if you are scanning the documents by yourself, then you need time to invest in the task along with the money as you must monitor the records all the time to avoid duplication or missing files. Bulk scanning companies also save you time.

8.      Record Management

Scanning your documents by yourself can make Record management and Retention policies within the business challenging to maintain and understood by the staff as well. While if the bulk scanning companies do the same task, they will make sure to avoid the conflicts within the documents and manage the materials in a way easy to access. For which you can train your staff later.

9.      Capability Statement

Another reason to prefer a bulk scanning company to scan your record is the capabilities they provide. If you have ancient, historical, or fragile documents to study and want to scan them in different formats, i.e., wide-format or have bound books to scan, you may not have expertise at home to digitize all types of your documents. Still, a bulk scanning company may offer you its capabilities to browse different scanning services under one roof.

10.    Scan flexibility

The last but not the least benefit of hiring a bulk scanning company for document scanning is that they can provide their services at their place or your business location, depending on the need. In some cases, if the documents can not be moved from the office or designated room for legal requirements or as not to inhibit the business operations, bulk scanning companies also provide the scanning flexibility at your place.

By now, you must get convinced that bulk document scanning is the only cost-effective, time-saving, and the contemporary era solution for all your problems.

Trust us, and if we have made up your mind by this far, you are only left with some work as you are already halfway done.

Now the question arises: how can you hire a credible company for scanning your documents?

Your worries are valid, so let us show you on which parameters and gauges you need to measure the credibility of the company you are going to hire.

How can you hire a credible document scanning company?

As stated earlier, you don’t find the magic wand for doing this hectic task, but you can hit upon the right choice of the bulk scanning company that can do the magic for you. Among all this mess, having to find a company that vigilantly plan all the bulk document scanning and encryption of the archival data is all you can desire.

Many companies claim to provide the bulk document scanning services, but there are a few ones who dare enough to step out of their comfort zones to come up with the customized solution for each of their valuable client.

So before hiring the services of any scanning company, thoroughly investigate their credibility and the services they offer to their customers. Like here at Panatron we provide our valuable clients with the following services:

1.      Encryption service quality:

Document security is the prime factor on which we have never compromised. The privacy concerns of our customers are fully acknowledged. The company has proper rules and regulations for encryption and copyright infringement. So, you should not worry about the security of your legal documents.

2.      Document scanning quality:

Scanning quality is another factor the client should not ever compromise. The status and the document priority majorly decide the scan quality of the documents. Like our company has thorough quality checks to analyze the scanning quality of every single page. So before appointing any company, just make sure that the scanning quality reaches the desired level.

3.      The competence level of the company:

The competence level of the company is another factor that can’t ever be compromised. Obviously, you are going to pay, and you are trusting with your documents, so you should not compromise on this. Before contracting, see whether the company has done such sort of projects before or not. And whether the employees are certified and credible enough to do the task for you. We here at Panatron have completed many significant projects just like yours successfully. The certified professionals are always here to design a customized package for you according to your needs.